Sylvia Plath


The words of Sylvia Plath.
This blog is not to reiterate every word spoken by Plath but a place for her words that mean the most to me. I am sure that others will find significance in these words.

I walk in a ring,
A groove of old faults, deep and bitter.

Love cannot come here.

Sylvia Plath -Event

I am learning how to compromise the wild dream ideals and the necessary realities without such screaming pain.

Sylvia Plath - Journals 1953

there burns throughout the line of words,
the cultivated act, a fierce brief fusion
which dreamers call real, and realists, illusion

Sylvia Plath -Love Is A Parallax

I talk to God, but the sky is empty

Sylvia Plath - Journals 1956

For I must get back my soul from you; I am killing my flesh without it

Sylvia Plath 1956 (Letter to Richard Sassoon)
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Rare 1961 BBC interview Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes

Only, when I do poems, it eats up the whole day in a slow lust which I can’t resist.

Sylvia Plath
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